PUBG Championship | Details

Shoolini University PUBG Championship will be held from 29th to 31st march. The Registration for the event will be open till 27th March. Players can register for the solo event or gang up with their squad.

Registration Details

Registration can be done by registering with the moksh Registration cell; Contact Rishabh Sharma: +91 70182 86719. Registration volunteers will also be available at the pine court between 9AM to 5PM till 27th March. For any enquiry Contact Nishant: +91 70183 39709.

Registration fee for Shoolinians:

Registration fee for Outsiders:

Scoring Criteria

The ranking will be done on the basis of points secured by the players. The points given will be determined by the player's rank after the match and 10 additional points will be given per-kill. The team / player with the highest points at the end of the tournament will be declared the winner.

1st prize 900Rs + Trophy
1st Position100 Points
2nd Position80 Points
3rd Position60 Points
4th Position40 Points
5th Position30 Points
Per-Kill10 Points

Prize pool will be announced on 27th March.

Playing Rules

  1. No emulator allowed.

  2. Sharing illegal programs and all third-party programs is forbidden.

  3. Players will be responsible for any problem with their mobile device.

  4. Players must play on their specified accounts.

  5. Upon breaking the behavior rules, players cannot earn any points from that match.

  6. If a team member uses a bug or team up during the tournament, team / player will get a -80 points penalty.